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Tourlos Marina – Mykonos
Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22890 22218, Fax: +30 22890 23922

Base Manager

John Soubasis
0030 698 1311 031

Emergency Contact

John Soubasis 0030 698 1311 031

George Papanastasatos 0030 697 6274 224

VHF Base Canal

Not applicable

Base Address

New port of Tourlos, Mykonos

Business Hours

Base hours: weekdays: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:00

Place of Embarkation

New port of Tourlos - see map below

How to get at Base

The NEW port is in an area called TOURLOS which is about 1.5 km but can be seen from town; it’s walking distance but not if you are carrying luggage. The New Port is connected to "Chora" and the Old Port by Taxi or Bus. The main Taxi stand is situated on the waterfront in Chora on the far right when looking at the sea. The main bus station is near the windmills on the top side of Chora.

General Infrastructure of the base The harbor in Tourlos consist of main cruise boat quay, and quay for the largest ferries and speedboats: also a main part of harbor is reserved as a marina for yachts. Most ferry companies dock and leave from this harbor: Blue Star Ferries, Highspeed.


Supermarket is located across the marina in Tourlos.

Transfer Facilities

Upon request.

Taxi – 4 Persons
MINIBUS – 8 Persons
FERRY BOAT - moors in front of Marina

Other Information

Port Authorities
Our base manager will arrange everything with Port Authorities. The only thing we require from the skipper of the charter is to have with him his original sailing license and to send me two weeks prior his charter a copy of his sailing license.

Weather Forecast
You should always try to get a weather forecast before heading out from land, especially if going more than several miles from shore, as it is difficult to tell at a glance what winds will appear, due to large land masses, mountains and other geographical features. You can use your radio, Navtex or contact the Port Police who receive weather faxes several times a day for the area.

VHF frequencies
A forecast in Greek and English is given for all Greek waters at 0600, 1000, 1600, 2200 GMT. Add two hours for local time. Gale warnings are given at the beginning of the broadcast and a special security warning on Ch 16 gives all the VHF frequencies for different areas. General shore stations are as follows:

  • Corfu (Kerkira) Ch 02
  • Cephalonia Ch 27
  • Petalidhi (Kalamata) Ch 83
  • Kithera Ch 85
  • Perama (Pireaus) Ch 86
  • Saronic Ch 25
  • Salamis Ch 23
  • Siros Ch 04
  • Parnis (Khalki) Ch 25
  • Pilio (Volos) Ch 60
  • Sfendarni (Thessaloniki) Ch 23
  • Thasos Ch 85
  • Limnos Ch 82
  • Lesvos Ch 01
  • Khios Ch 85
  • Rodhos (Rhodes) Ch 63
  • Knossos (Kriti - Crete) Ch 83
  • Sitia (Kriti - Crete) Ch 85

Mykonian Hygeia Medical Centre is a modern private clinic located at Dexamenes area on the new peripheral road, in a short distance from ports, Mykonos town and airport.
It is able to serve the local community as well as foreign patients who are spending their holidays on Mykonos Island. Is the first and only Private Multispecialty Clinic, established in 1995. The Centre has been providing consistently high quality health care services in Mykonos Island for the last 17 years under one roof.

Several physicians and surgeons along with certified nurses are proud to offer a wide range of medical / therapeutic treatments and related comprehensive guidance. For details of our team click here.

The medical centre has got modern technology within a caring and comfortable environment in order to offer the best and most complete tailored medical care for you and your family in Mykonos.

Time difference
GMT + 2