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Probably the most well known archeological site in Greece is lying a few miles away from Mykonos and today its about time to visit it. Of course we are talking about Delos. On your return on board we will stop for swimming and lunch at a picturesque island just opposite of Delos and then we will continue south heading forNaxos. Naxos is one of the biggest islands of the Cyclades with great interest and many sightseeing. Don’t miss the sunset at the ancient temple of Apollo, just a few meters away from the marina. Grilled octopus with “ouzo” is a “must” here.


Set sail from Naxo heading for Koufonisi. A short stop before our final destination , at a wonderful spot where you can swim inside a sea cave. Amazing colours everywhere. Koufonisi is further the most beautiful of the small Cyclades islands with many sandy beaches all around. Rent a bicycle and visit all of them. Dinner at “Capetan Nicolas” place is out of any kind of negotiation as well as a frozen mojito at the wind mill bar just above the marina.


Iraklia is one of the “Small Cyclades” islands which is worth to be visited especially for those who want to experience tiny, quiet, cute and isolated places representative of the greek spirit. So after a short stop for swimming at Schinousa on our way from Koufonisi to Iraklia we will end up at the picturesque port of the island. Here you can swim to the nearby beach, diving from the yacht and hiking around enjoying the pure nature. Dinner at Iraklia means fresh fishes and the local tavernas more hospitable than anywhere else are ready to fulfil your expectations.


Antiparos is the last island of our cruise. After a 4-5 hours sailing trip and of course after the oblate stop for lunch and swimming we will end up at Antiparos late in the afternoon. Wandering around the small streets of the beautiful village, have dinner in one of the hundreds restaurants and continue with a drink at one of the locals bars. Night life here, especially at high season is a must for everyone.


We strongly recommend you before setting sail for our final destination, visit the cave of Antiparos. Buses are operating just 100 meters away from the yacht. On your return on board we will leave immediately for a nice anchorage at a small island north of Antiparos with crystal clear water. The afternoon has already come as well as the farewell time at Paros port.


Meet your skipper at Marina Café . Get on board and after briefing set sail for Syros. Syros is the capital island of theCyclades. Our destination is Finikas , a beautiful bay at the west coast of the island where we can find all kind of facilities for yachts. Ermoupolis is a small neoclassical city with great interest and superb food which is worth to be visited. A taxi is the best way to get there. For those who prefer more quite moments the nearby area of Finikas is your best choice.


Today we are going to sail to the cosmopolitan Mykonos. Approx. sailing time is about 4 hours. The most famous of the Greek islands is waiting for you. Beach bars, dinner at the small Venice and night life should be in your agenda for today.